Frequently asked questions

What is private healthcare?

Private healthcare is a medical treatment paid for privately by you or your insurance company. Having your treatment with our team in the

Imperial Centre for Endocrinology means that:

  • Your choose your own experienced specialist consultant at the forefront of their area of clinical practice. Your chosen doctor and their team will look after you throughout your care.

  • You will be treated, where possible, in facilities dedicated to private patients, provided this does not compromise the quality of your care

  • You will be cared for by a team which can provide all important clinical services. This means that all your care will happen seamlessly within the same organisation. This is especially important if you have more than one problem, a serious illness or a complex or rare disorder.

  • You will have all the resources and staffing of a large and multi-skilled hospital service immediately behind you. This gives you peace of mind and confidence in your care.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

We recommend that you consult your general practitioner (GP) so that you can get their professional advice. However, you can also be referred from another consultant.

How do I make an appointment for a private consultation?

Most consultants prefer you to be referred by your general practitioner (GP). Discuss your needs with your GP and ask your GP to recommend and refer you to a consultant/specialist at the Imperial Centre for Endocrinology.

Your GP will write a letter to the appropriate consultant. You can then wait until the referral is received and an appointment will be sent to you. Alternatively your GP may be happy to call us on 020 31 311 7708 and arrange an appointment immediately.

If you would prefer not to consult your GP then you can call us on 020 31 311 7708 and we will help you.

Can I be seen at the Imperial Centre for Endocrinology?

Patients who are self-funding can choose Imperial Centre for Endocrinology as their preferred provider.

If you have Private medical insurance you are able to choose the Imperial Centre for Endocrinology. You should confirm this with your insurer. We can write a letter on your behalf if required in order to facilitate authorisation.

Contact us on 020 31 311 7708 and we will help you.

Are you independent of other private hospitals?

Imperial Centre for Endocrinology is independent of all other private hospitals and facilities. We are part of the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and only provide private patient services at Charing Cross Hospital, Hammersmith Hospital and St Mary's Hospital.

Consultants employed by the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust may also undertake private practice in other hospitals or clinics.

Why go private in an NHS hospital?

  1. Confidence in your care: there is a full range of general and specialist medical services on site 24 hours a day. There will always be a doctor who can see you immediately in an emergency. You will have immediate access to any additional care which you might need, including a complete range of diagnostic facilities.

  2. Teamwork from your specialists: Consultants who treat privately in NHS hospitals are there because it is their work base and this is where they have built up a specialist team. There is always a backup from a wide range of on-site expert care, including specialist nurses and therapists.

  3. Your are supporting the NHS: Income generated by services provided to private patients within NHS hospitals will go back into the hospital's general finances to support improvement which benefits all patients at the hospital

How much will a private consultation cost?

You are responsible for your medical expenses. This includes investigations (blood tests and imaging), any surgical procedures, medications and hospital accomodation. The consultant will also charge a professional fee for providing your care; when you book your consultation we will tell you the fee for the specialist of your choice.

In some circumstances we can offer 'fixed-price packages' for surgical procedures. They offer you the advantage of having your operation at a convenient time and at a price that has been agreed beforehand. This price will often include nursing care, hospital accommodation, operating theatre fees and medications. Professional fees (surgeon, anaesthetist, radiologist and pathologist) may also be included. For peace of mind, these packages cover the cost of treatment of any complication occurring within 30 days of surgery. After an initial consultation you will be given a quote for the package.

For all questions regarding cost contact us on for further information 020 31 311 7708.