Dr Jeannie Todd

Dr Jeannie Todd is a Consultant Endocrinologist at Hammersmith Hospital. She studied medicine at King’s College Hospital Medical School and completed her training in London. She was awarded a Wellcome Training Fellowship in 1994 and completed her Masters Degree on the Hormonal Control of Pituitary Function. She was appointed as a Consultant at Hammersmith Hospital in 2000. She was awarded a fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians in 2004. She has an active teaching commitment and co-organises the Graduate Entry Programme Medical Course for Endocrinology. Dr Todd’s clinical research interest includes Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia 1&2 and neuroendocrine tumours and she has many publications covering a wide range of clinical Endocrinology.Dr Todd is a very experienced endocrinologist, interested in all aspects of Endocrinology and Diabetes including thyroid, adrenal, PCOS, hirsuitism, prolactin and pituitary diseases, parathyroid disorders, calcium and bone metabolism and neuroendocrine tumours.

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