Mr Neil Tolley

Mr Tolley is an consultant ENT – Head and Neck Surgeon. He graduated from the Welsh National School of Medicine in Cardiff in 1982. He was awarded a Masters Degree in Nasal Physiology, before undertaking specialist training at the Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hosital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton. He has undertaken specialist overseas fellowships in America, South Africa and Austrailia. He has been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (1988) and England (1989). In 1994, he was appointed as a Consultant ENT surgeon at St Mary’s Hospital and has been lead clinical for eight years. He is the Education Director for ENT training in North Thames and a Regional Advisor to the Royal College of Surgeons (England). His research interest is in the applications of telerobotics to thyroid and parathyroid surgery.

Mr Tolley has a specialist interest in thyroid (including robotic-assisted thyroidectomy) and parathyroid surgery.

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UK first – robotic neck surgery

4th January 2010

In a UK-first, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust clinicians have performed robotic-assisted neck surgery.

A team at St Mary’s Hospital has pioneered the use of the da Vinci robot to remove overactive parathyroid glands.

There are four pea-sized parathyroid glands in the neck that control the level of calcium in the blood.

When the glands become overactive, calcium levels rise causing complications such as weaker bones, high blood pressure and kidney stones.

Conventional treatment involves open or laparoscopic surgery to remove the abnormal glands, both of which leave a scar on the neck.

The Trust’s pioneering use of telerobotic surgery, however, avoids a neck scar because one small incision is made below the collarbone and three near the armpit, through which instruments and a camera are fed.

The surgeon manoeuvres the instruments from a console that provides a magnified, three-dimensional image of the patient’s anatomy and allows the surgeon to operate with greater dexterity and improved precision.

Ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultant Mr Neil Tolley, who led the team, said: "Robotic-assisted surgery has been used for several years in heart and prostate operations in specialist centres such as St Mary’s. Now we’re the first to use this technique in parathyroid surgery too.

“At Imperial College Healthcare we’re proud to offer our patients the latest treatments and surgical technologies to ensure they receive the very best care."

ENT research registrar, Mr Asit Arora, added: "We’ve had excellent feedback from patients who’ve had this procedure. In all cases, the abnormal gland was removed successfully, with virtually no blood loss, and patients returned home the next day."

Mr Tolley thanked other members of the team from endocrinology, radiology and anaesthesia, as well as Professor Darzi and the Imperial College Healthcare Charity, for their involvement and support in this work.

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