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 For Patient information about endocrine tests see Dynamic Function Testing  

For practical guidance on endocrine diagnosis and management see below

Diagnosis and appropriate treatment in clinical Endocrinology rely heavily on the accurate use and interpretaion of diagnostic tests. This handbook was devised as a means of guiding

new junior staff (and refreshing the memories of their seniors!) when confronted by clinical problems and their investigation. It is intended primarily for use by physicians treating adult patients, although selected limited information on paediatric practice is included. This document is meant to be brief and didactic with the inevitable costs as well as benefits of such an approach. It is envisaged that it will be reprinted at 6 monthly intervals incorporating corrections and additions, any suggestions and comments from readers are welcome.

Grateful acknowledgements are due to: Professor Stephen Bloom, Dr Simon Wallis, Professor Graham Joplin, Professor Kaye Ibbertson, Professor James Jackson, Dr Jacky Burrin, Mrs Sophie Barnes, Mrs Veronica Ferguson, Mr Stuart Lavery, Mr Paul Bains and all our colleagues for their help and encouragement.

We are delighted to note that this handbook is forming the basis of many Endocrine protocols on various websites around the country. The first version of this was written by the Registrars and Consultants in the Endocrine Unit in 1988 and has been used as a handbook for the junior doctors ever since. It has been available on the web since 1999 and it has since been widely used as the central source of Endocrine protocols. 

This document may be used freely in your own practice and to educate your own staff. We would ask only that you acknowledge the Imperial College Endocrine Unit.

February 2018

Endocrine Unit, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Charing Cross, Hammersmith and St Mary’s Hospitals, London