Angiogram of the pituitary in order to ensure that the source of ACTH in this patient is indeed the pituitary gland. The radiologist and the patient can both see the pictures live.

Our expert radiology and nuclear medicine teams perform specialised imaging techniques essential to the diagnosis of Endocrine conditions. This includes CT, parathyroid (sesta-mibi) scan, thyroid scanning. At our hospitals, we regularly perform venous sampling from the pituitary gland (for the diagnosis of Cushing’s disease), the adrenal gland (for the diagnosis of adrenal disorders) and from the neck for selected patients with high calcium levels in whom we are trying to locate the source of excess parathyroid hormone.

We are one of the few centres in the country which has particular expertise in this type of test.

Dr James Jackson

Dr Amrish Mehta

Dr Nicola Strickland

Dr Zarni Win

Dr Adil Al-Nahhas

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