Diabetes service

The diabetic service offers very short waiting times for appointments in a wide range of sub-speciality services:

  • Type 1 Diabetes and Insulin Pumps

    • Continuous glucose monitoring

    • Adolescent / Transition Diabetes

    • Problematic hypoglycaemia

    • Antenatal Diabetes

We provide same-day consultation for newly diagnosed symptomatic hyperglycaemia and appointments within a few working days for urgent complications. Many of these changes have been enabled by integrating our service more closely with our PCTs, changing the model of routine diabetic care from an annual hospital-based review service to a primary-care focused model, in which the hospital clinics support our local PCTs while concentrating on the more difficult and complicated clinical diabetic cases that require a hospital-based diabetic team. We work closely with our neighbouring PCTs providing integrated services in the community and have a number of members of the multidisciplinary team work in primary and secondary care.

Private Diabetes Service