Pre-pregnancy Counselling Information Sheet

In general, YOU control your diabetes, reduce symptoms and reduce the chance of long-term complications of your diabetes.  It is important to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Good blood sugar control before conception and throughout pregnancy reduces the risk of miscarriage, congenital malformation and stillbirth and complications for the baby after delivery. In pregnancy we recommend even better diabetic control than at other times in your life.

Your baby

Early on in pregnancy, high sugar levels can increase the chance of congenital malformation in your baby.  This is where the baby is born with an abnormality, most are minor but some can be serious. 2% of all pregnancies can be complicated by congenital malformation and this risk is increased when you have diabetes.  The risks are partly associated with sugar control at the time you fall pregnant. We aim for sugar control better than HbA1c (average sugar) 6.5% to 7.0%. Women with HbA1c (average sugar) above 10% should avoid pregnancy. Any reduction in HbA1c may reduce risks.

Your pregnancy

Your diabetes

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