For Doctors

We can see urgent referrals within one or two weeks and the majority of routine referrals within four weeks. Our service comprises of general and sub-specialty Endocrine clinics in order to improve the consistency and quality of patient care. Where possible, clinics are “one stop” so that care returns to the practitioner with full diagnostic information and management plans. Our diabetes service now offers very short waiting times for routine appointments and a wide range of sub-speciality services, including an internationally recognised obstetric-diabetic service, multidisciplinary renal diabetic service at the West London Renal and Transplantation centre, diabetes technology including continuous glucose sensors and insulin pumps, and a multidisciplinary diabetic foot service. We also provide same-day consultation for newly diagnosed symptomatic hyperglycaemia, appointments within a few working days for urgent complications and a dedicated insulin-start clinic.

All referrals can be made via Choose and Book, phone, fax or by post. Please refer to the General Diabetes, General Endocrinology or Imperial Weight Centre. We will then place patients in the appropriate clinic. Private patients can contact us directly. 


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