Historical Endocrine Masterclasses on ZOOM   : recordings below                       These sessions started April 2020 during the pandemic and lasted a year

Final session: 26th April 2021                                                           youtube recording        

Programme 26th April 2021: 

13.45pm. Registration. Chair: Karim Meeran 

2.00pm - Options for Hormone Replacement therapy (Channa Jayasena)

2.20pm-2.40pm Case 1: Dealing with the potential risks of HRT (Channa Jayasena)

2.40pm - 3.00pm Case 2: Problems tolerating the HRT that you have prescribed

3.00 pm. Alex's tenth osteoblast

3.30pm: Reproductive Endocrinology clinical case:  A 38 year old woman presenting with pelvic pain (Channa Jayasena).

3.45pm: Hypertension : A review of the key topics (Karim Meeran)

4.00pm. QR codes for certificates and feedback

Previous meetings

Metabolic Medicine for the MRCP For Internal Medicine Trainees   zoom recording

Date and time: Wednesday 17th March 2020 from 9.30 am to 13.30pm

Welcome and Introduction Dr Jaimini Cegla

Porphyrias , calcium, lipids, thyroid, difficult blood tests, hyponatraemia and diabetes in half a day. 

CPD for below is now closed for meetings below that are over 2 months old.

Endocrine masterclass Mon 18th Jan 2021  Zoom recording


14.30-14.45: Alex's Fifth Osteoblast. (Alex Comninos) mp4 video

14.45-15.00 Case of COVID  hyponatraemia (Sagen Zac-Varghese) mp4 video

15.00-15.10 Managing hyponatraemia (Karim Meeran) mp4 video

15.10-15.30  Hyponatraemia (Yong Ling, Shamaila Zaman) mp4 video 

15.40-16.00 Hyponatraemia case (Risheka Walls) 

   and mechanism of hyponatraemia with low ACTH (Karim Meeran) mp4 video   (youtube)

1.00pm - 1.10pm Reproductive Case 1 “A supplement effect” (Hessa Buharoon)

1.10pm-1.20pm Case 2: Does he need testosterone? (Hessa Buharoon)

1.20pm - 1.40pm A case of male infertility (Nikoleta Papanikolaou)

1.40pm - 2.20pm Tips and Tricks in Testosterone replacement (Channa Jayasena)

2.20pm – 2.55 pm. Alex's ninth osteoblast (Alex Comninos)  

3.00pm. QR codes for certificates and feedback.

Previous (4th Dec 2020) Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium

Nine clinical cases and 11 posters                                   Zoom recording


Previous meetings (CPD for sessions below now closed):

Monday November 9th.                                          Zoom recording

2.00pm - 2.40pm Checkpoint Inhibitor Endocrinopathy (Daniel Morganstein)

2.40pm – 3.10 pm. Reproductive Endocrinology cases (Channa Jayasena)

3.10-3.40 Answers to questions on the chat from previous sessions: Completion thyroidectomy and discharging patients with benign nodules. (Karim Meeran)

3.40pm - 4.05pm Alex's eighth osteoblast (Alex Comninos)  

Thyroid masterclass 26th October.                      ZOOM recording.

2.00pm TPO antibodies should never be measured (Karim Meeran) 

2.15pm Monoclonal antibodies and thyroid dysfunction (Anjali Amin) 

2.30pm An unusual case of thyroid cancer (Sanas Mohamed) 

2.45pm Funny TFTs (Hessa Buharoon) 

3.00pm Thyroid hormone resistance or TSHoma? (Hsiu Yap) 

3.15pm Managing thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy (Pei Eng) 

3.30pm Amiodarone induced thyroid disease (Yong Ling) 

3.45pm Alex's seventh osteoblast (Alex Comninos) 

RCP CPD 2 hours confirmed. Feedback essential using QR code 

Above CPD still open.

Pregnancy and Diabetes October 15th 2020.  Click mp4 files below for recording. 

1.30pm Monitoring in pre-existing diabetes (Rochan Agha Jaffar) mp4 file

2.00pm. Retinopathy & Pregnancy: Find and treat progrssion (S Robinson) mp4 file 

2.20pm Montgomery: Share all relevant information (David Gable) mp4 file

2.55pm: Screening and diagnosis of adverse outcome. (Stephen Robinson) mp4 file

3.25pm - 3.40pm Contraception after pregnancy with diabetes.  (Rebecca Scott) mp4 file

3.55 – 4.25 pm. Obesity, diabetes, balancing maternal glycaemia and weight (Steve Hyer) mp4

4.25-4.50. Delivery date and diabetes. No specific data (Sheba Jarvis).mp4 file

Pregnancy and Endocrinology 8th Oct:

1.45pm Imaging the pituitary in pregnancy. (Bryn Jones) mp4 file

2.25pm. Prolactinomas in pregnancy. Thirty year experience. (Stephen Robinson) mp4 file

3.10pm. Hypocortisolaemia in pregnancy. Major risks untreated (Miles Levy) mp4 file

3.50pm Thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy. Balancing risks. (Rochan Agha Jaffar) (recording failed)

4.25pm. Calcium disorders in pregnancy Calcium and vitamin D (Jeremy Cox) mp4 file

FRCPath and Metabolic Medicine Training morning 8th October

Programme: recording: zoom recording

10.00 – 10.45pm. Genetic approaches to parathyroid disorders (Prof. Fadil Hanna, Oxford)

10.45-11.15 . Ellen Thomas (genomics England) - Genomics in the NHS overview

11.20-11.50 Personalised medicine in diabetes. (Shivani Misra) 

11.50-12.20 Clara Cieza-Borrella (St George’s) - Cell free DNA

Mon 14th Sept (pituitary masterclass) watch the recordings below.

14:00-14:15 A case of diabetes insipidus. H Boharoon, mp4 file

14:15-14:30 A TSHoma K Thulasidass, Chennai, India. mp4 file

14:30-14:45 TSHoma or RTH? HH Aung, (included in above mp4)

14:45-15:00 A pituitary adenoma with glaucoma S Sivakumar, Romford. mp4 file .

15:00-15:15 Cushings or obesity R Mohamed, London. mp4 file

15:15-15:30 Aggressive Cushings  V Millson, Leeds mp4 file

15:30-15:45 COVID-19 and diabetes insipidus: S Patel, Romford, mp4 file

Session 7 (Mon July 13th) postop endocrine problems  view recordings below

14.00: Alex's Sixth Osteoblast. (Alex Comninos). mp4 file

14.20: Interpreting specific gravity after pituitary surgery (Karim Meeran) mp4 file

14.40: Managing perioperative pituitary surgery (Shamaila Zaman) mp4 file

14.50: Managing the sodium triple phase after pituitary surgery (Ambreen Qayum) mp4 file

15.10: Steroid replacement perioperatively with prednisolone (Karim Meeran) mp4 file

15.15: Pituitary macroadenoma in pregnancy (Yong Ling) mp4 file

15.30: A patient with a visual field defect (Bijal Patel) mp4 file

15.40: Interpreting visual fields in pituitary disease: Humphries or Goldman?  A Aziz. mp4 file

Session 6 (Mon June 29th): hyponatraemia. view recordings below

 14.00-14.30: Managing adrenal cortical carcinoma (Florian Wernig). mp4 video

Session 5 (Mon June 15th): Adrenal disease. view RECORDING here

Monday 15th June 2020:    Please use QR code on recording to feedback.

14.00-14.15: Alex's Fourth Osteoblast. (Alex Comninos)

14.15-14.30: Adrenal lesions in a patient with a fit (Karim Meeran)

14.30-15.00 Curious case of the disappearing Adrenal (Shamaila Zaman)

15.00-15.30 Managing adrenal cortical carcinoma (Bijal Patel and Florian Wernig).

15.30-16.00 Bilateral adrenalectomy as a day case for Cushing's (Fausto Palazzo)

Session 4  (Mon June 1st 2020)

Metabolic Medicine and Diabetes Masterclass: SEE RECORDING HERE

14.00-14.30 Investigating hypoglycaemia and the suspected insulinoma (Karim Meeran)

14.30-15.00  Investigating Non-insulinoma Hypoglycaemia (Shivani Misra)

15.00-15.30 Blood glucose and ketone testing. (Julia Kenkre)

15.30-16.00 Managing post-bariatric hypogylcaemia(Yemi Ilesanmi)

Session 3: 18th May. Difficult cases of suspected Cushings. 

14.00-14.15        Alex's Osteoblast (3) Alex Comninos  mp4 file

14.15-14.45        False positive risk in Cushing's syndrome (Karim Meeran) mp4 file (youtube)

14.45-15.25        Is it Cushings? (Shailesh Gohil) mp4 file

15.25-16.00        Cushings, what is the source? (Saira Hameed) mp4 file

The Imperial Insulin Pump Course:  13th May 2020


14.00-14.30 Insulin pump therapy (Nick Oliver)

14.30-15.00 CGM and automated insulin delivery (Monika Reddy)

15.00-15.30 Adjustment of pump settings in different scenarios eg exercise. (Sian Rilstone)

15.30-16.00 Diabetes technology in pregnancy (Rochan Agha Jaffar)

16.00 Feedback, certificates (will follow after a few days to those who feedback online)

Session 2 Monday 4th May.  

Click here for the RECORDING second part on Monday May 4th: 

14.00-14.30        Alex's Osteoblast (2) (Dr Alex Comninos) mp4 file

14.30-14.55        Another difficult case of hypercalcaemia Harriet Esdaile mp4 file

14.55-15.25        Clinical case of an adrenal mass Zeeshan Yasin. mp4 file

15.25-15.55        Venous sampling data interpretation Karim Meeran mp4 file. (youtube)

Session 1: 27th April 2020.

14.00-14.25       Basic calcium intro: (Karim Meeran) mp4 file 

14.25-14.45       Case of severe hypercalcaemia Risheka Ratnasabapathy mp4 file

14.45-15.05       Unusual case of severe hypercalcaemia Emma Hatfield mp4 file

15.05-15.30       Clinical Case: Tertiary hyperparathyroidism: Sagen Zac-Varghese mp4 file

15.30-16.00       Management of bone turnover in renal failure and 

                          Alex's osteoblast (1) (Dr Alex Comninos) mp4 file