Radioiodine: radiation protection patient information

Advice to patients who are having radioiodine treatment is provided on an individual basis depending on the

    • radiation dose

    • individual circumstances

This is general advice based upon a common radiation dose of 600MBq. It is an approximate guide based on information from the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine.

    • Refrain from all contact with children or pregnant women for the first two weeks following treatment. Sole carers of children must make alternative childcare arrangements. If patients work with children they will need to take at least two weeks off work or take on alternative duties at work whereby they do not have contact with children.

    • Refrain from extended contact (more than half an hour) with children and pregnant women for four weeks following treatment.

  • Avoid prolonged personal contact with adults at home for one week. This means sleeping alone for the first week after treatment. The toilet should be flushed twice.

    • Avoid prolonged close contact with other people outside of your home for three days.

  • You can return to work after four days. The therapy is often given on a Thursday morning, enabling patients to return to work on Monday.

      • Avoid crossing international borders for four weeks as the therapy may result in security alerts.

Patients will be given further advice in Radioiodine Clinic based on their individual situation.

Printable patient information