Prescription chart for pitutitary surgery

Peri- and post-operatively, use pre-filled drugs chart (Printable Chart).  Only proceed to oral hydrocortisone if  is tolerating oral intake. If not, patient will need to stay on im (or possibly an iv infusion) of hydrocortisone until eating and drinking properly.

Surgical protocol:

Post-op day 4 take 09.00 am serum cortisol sample (done by Endocrine F1/F2) into a RED topped tube.  Call CXH duty Clinical Biochemist on bleep 8256 (telephone 30348) to warn of sample coming.  Mark as URGENT and deliver to lab on First Floor.  Hand over sample to staff (do not leave in basket outside) and tell them ‘urgent for cortisol as discussed with Duty Clinical Biochemist’.