Current North West Thames SpR posts

The London West diabetes and endocrinology training scheme currently comprises 25 clinical posts, including 10 at Teaching Hospitals (Hammersmith 3, St. Mary's 3, Charing Cross 3, Chelsea & Westminster 1), and 10 at other District General Hospitals (Central Middlesex (2), Ealing (2), Barnet General Hospital, Hillingdon (2), Northwick Park (3)). 

The teaching hospitals form part of Imperial College School of Medicine, the largest medical school in the country, and one of the most successful university groups in the world. All posts have been approved as educationally sound, and each of them provides excellent specialist experience and teaching in diabetes and endocrinology. Each is also approved as providing training in General Internal Medicine. The diabetes and endocrinology consultants from these hospitals meet regularly to ensure a uniform excellence of education. We are all committed to the success of our Training programmes in diabetes and endocrinology.  

The individual rotations provide a balance of teaching hospital and district general hospital experience. Each hospital included in the scheme is a major centre, with a large diabetes and endocrinology service. Further experience in all aspects of endocrinology is provided within our Teaching hospitals. We have one of the strongest complements of teaching hospitals in the UK, led by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Hammersmith, Mary’s and Charing Cross) where there are internationally famous departments of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolic medicine. These centres offer a full range of endocrinological experience and educational opportunities, and unique research opportunities. Hammersmith and Charing Cross Hospitals provide special experience and training in all aspects of clinical endocrinology, including endocrine tumours, molecular endocrinology, calcium and bone disorders, in addition to clinical training in diabetic obstetric and endocrine medicine at Queen Charlottes hospital and diabetic renal medicine at the new North London renal and Transplantation Centre. Charing Cross is also the regional neurosciences centre, with a large amount of pituitary surgery, and hence provides good experience in the endocrine management of such patients. St Mary's Hospital and the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital provide special experience in lipids, metabolic medicine, pituitary disorders, reproductive endocrinology and calcium and bone disorders.