Tenth Hammersmith Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium

Friday 11th December 2015             MAP

Wolfson Education Centre, Hammersmith Hospital

                 Abstracts online       LAPPS/AMEND parallel


8.30am Registration and Coffee

8.50am  Welcome and Introduction: Mr. Fausto Palazzo, Prof Karim Meeran and Prof. Waljit Dhillo:

Session 1:    Incidental Endocrine Pathology (chair Prof Waljit Dhillo)

9.00am           The Pituitary Incidentaloma

                        Prof Karim Meeran (Imperial College)

9.30am           The Thyroid Incidentaloma

                        Mr David Scott-Coombes (Cardiff)

10.00am         ‘Adrenal Incidentaloma – management and challenges’.

                        Prof John Newell-Price (Sheffield)

10.30am        Clinical Cases

                        (OC1) (V018) A gradually progressive case of 'Pituitary incidentaloma' - Rathke's cleft cyst 

10.40am         (OC2) (V020) A large incidental adrenal mass – does size matter?

11.00am Coffee Break

Session 2:    Endocrine Cancer: Thyroid

11.30am       Controversies in Thyroid Cancer Guidelines?

                        Prof Graham Williams (Imperial College)

                        International Guest Lecturer

12.00pm         Optimising surgery for papillary thyroid cancer: Preventing recurrence

                        Prof Antonio Sitges-Serra (Barcelona, Spain)   

1.00pm           Lunch & Poster session

Session 3:    Endocrine Cancer: Neuroendocrine tumours (chair Prof Andreja Frilling)

2.00pm           Surgical Strategies in Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumours

                        Mr Duncan Spalding (Imperial College NHS Trust)

2.30pm           Chemotherapy and new agents for treating NETs

                        Dr Rohini Sharma

Session 4:    Debate: Severe thyrotoxicosis in early pregnancy

Chair: Dr James Ahlquist

A 40 year-old patient has been trying to become pregnant for some years with IVF and at last presents delighted having just missed her period with a pregnancy. Her tremor and palpitations are due not just to her excitement but also because she has a FT4 of 40 pM. 

3.00 pm          (OC3) (V023) Graves’ thyrotoxicosis and pregnancy: a case of resistant thyrotoxicosis with Propylthiouracil treatment (Monika Reddy)

3.10pm           (OC4) (V021) Treatment of thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy: Three cases exemplifying multi-specialty involvement

3.20pm          The case for medical treatment for the whole pregnancy. Which drug (PTU or CBZ) and when?

                      Dr Mark Vanderpump

3.45pm           This patient needs an urgent thyroidectomy : the case for surgery

                       Prof Stephen Robinson

4.15pm           (OC5) (V009) Pregnant and hypercalcaemic, what next : An interactive clinical case. (Dr Amir Sam)

4.45pm           Feedback and Close

4.45 Feedback and Close