Multidisciplinary Symposium 2020

Friday 4th December 2020                  Scroll down to register  

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Clinical cases all afternoon starting 1.55 till 4.45pm (including POSTER session).

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1.55pm       Welcome (Fausto Palazzo, Waljit Dhillo and Karim Meeran)

2.00pm         Reversible pan-hypopituitarism in a case of un-resected non-functioning pituitary                           adenoma  Dr Shoily Nath (Ashford and St Peters) (A001)

 2.12pm        A rare case of cranial diabetes insipidus in a patient with orbital

                      xanthogranulomatous disease

Hsiu Yap (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) (A007)

2.24pm          Idiopathic Diabetes Insipidus – a diagnosis of exclusion

G. Wordsworth (Bristol, UBHW) (A013)

2.36pm          A rare case of hypercalcemia in pregnancy- a diagnostic conundrum.

                      Tasneem LADHA (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) (A004)

2.48pm          Dual pathology leading to hypercalcaemia: the issue with confirmation bias. 

                       Htet Htet Aung and Nyan Lin, (The Lister Hospital, Stevenage). (A015).

3.00pm          A case of iatrogenic Cushing’s disease and secondary adrenal insufficiency 

                      following a drug interaction between intra-articular triamcinolone injection and 

                     ritonavir. Shaila Khan (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust). (A012).

3.12pm          A case of adrenal tuberculosis mimicking non-functioning adrenal incidentaloma. 

                        Dhruti Hirani (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust). (A014).

3.24pm          A case of metastatic paraganglioma on a background of SDHB mutation. 

                        Luke Boyle (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital). (A006)

3.36pm          Is there a role for 18F-FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis of painless sub-acute 

                       thyroiditis? Harriet Esdaile and Kavita Narula (West Middlesex Hospital). (A005)

3.50            Discussion

4.05            QR code certificates and poster session.

4.05 to 4.45: review of posters