Multidisciplinary Endocrine Symposium 6th December 2024

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Hybrid : zoom or in person (same cost)                      Submit an Abstract by Nov 14th

Hammersmith Hospital live in LT1               Click here to pay £29 and select either "in person" or "zoom" 

8.30am Registration & Coffee                 

8.55                      Welcome and Introduction  

Session 1:           (Chair: Prof Tricia Tan and James Ahlquist)

9.00am                  talk 1                             Speaker (where)

9.30am             Paediatric Endocrine Surgery - Just small adults?                    Mr Tom Kurzawinski (UCH)

9.50am             Day case thyroidectomy Helen Doran (Salford Royal Hospital)

10.20am   C012 Recurrent thyrotoxicosis in pregnancy (Rabia Arfan)

10.35am   C017: A challenging case of metastatic struma ovarii with rare BRAFG469A mutation (Luke Boyle)

10.50                Coffee Break

Session 2:              Chair Fausto Palazzo

11.20am     Surgical Strategies in Syndromic Phaeochromocytoma                      David Scott Coombes (Cardiff)

11. 50am   International Guest Lecture: 

  New algorithms in the treatment of aggressive thyroid cancers Prof Jan Zedenius (Karolinska Institute, Stockholm)

12.50pm Discussion


1.00pm       LUNCH and POSTER session.

1.00pm                   Lunch & Poster session

Session 3: Parathyroid Session. Preeshila Behary and Anna Crown

2.00pm Syndromic primary HPT – when to test and what to test for?   Alex Comninos (Imperial)

2.30pm C030: A case of hyperparathroidism – jaw tumour syndrome (HP-JTS): 

parathyroid carcinoma and hungry bones: Dr James Pittaway (Barts)

2.45pm Reoperative parathyroidectomy – lessons learned from 20 years at HH   Fausto Palazzo (Imperial)

3.15 pm C028: Persistent primary hyperparathyroidism cured by diagnostic FNA: Dr Joshua Agilinko

3.30pm Primary Hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy   Aimee DiMarco (Imperial)

4.00pm Clinical Cases: Tales from the Endocrine MDT.

4.00pm C006: The Role of Surgery in Managing Hypercalcemia in Pregnancy: Furhana Hussein.

4.15pm C002: Addisonian Crisis as first presentation of Thyrotoxicosis: Tanya Chopra

4.30pm C029: The importance of under-treating adrenal failure in order to allow normal adrenal function following unilateral adrenalectomy for Cushings syndrome Kate Lazarus 

4.45 C009: Multidisciplinary Management of Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type 1 (MEN1) : Vivek Ramburuth

5.00 Certificates and close