Thirteenth Endocrine Symposium 2018


Friday 7th December 2018          MAP         Abstract Book      pdf timetable

Wolfson Education Centre, Hammersmith Hospital

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8.30am         Registration & Coffee


8.55am         Welcome and Introduction

                     (Fausto Palazzo, Karim Meeran & Waljit Dhillo) 


Session 1:   Genetics and Endocrine disease (Chair James Ahlquist)


9.00am         Phaeochromocytoma – Which genetic tests & why?

                     Dr Scott Akker – (St Bartholomew’s Hospital)


9.30am         When to do genetics in Primary HPT?

                     Prof Jeremy Turner (Norfolk & Norwich Hospital)


10.00am       Clinical case: Y013 (OC1): Phaeochromocytoma Crisis:

Adrenal Incidentaloma with Contralateral Renal Infarction and beta blockade administration                  


10.15am       Coffee Break


Session 2:     Metabolic Medicine and Surgery (Chair Prof Tricia Tan).

10.45am       Clinical case: Y002 (OC2): Flash glucose monitoring for diagnosis and management of post bariatric hypoglycaemia.

11.00am       Obesity Surgery vs Medical Treatment: Who gets what and what is to come?    

                     Prof Sir Stephen Bloom (Imperial College)


11.30am       Obesity surgery: the surgical options, technique and morbidity

                     Mr Ahmed Ahmed (St Mary’s Hospital, London)


11.50am       The role of T3 in The hypothyroid patient

                     Prof Colin Dayan (Cardiff University)

12.20pm       Lunch & Poster session

Session 3:   Personalised Endocrine Medicine & Surgery

(Chair Mr Fausto Palazzo)


1.20pm         Hammersmith International Guest Lecture:

                     Endocrine Surgery in 2018: Precision Medicine

                     Prof Frederic Sebag (Marseille, France)

2.00pm         How to avoid morbidity in Endocrine Surgery

                     Mr David Scott Coombes, Cardiff

2.20pm         Clinical Cases

2.20pm         Y003 (OC3): When not to ignore the normal results in endocrinology

2.30pm         Y015 (OC4): False positive diagnosis of a paraganglioma of the organ of                                     Zuckerkandl

2.40pm         Y020 (OC5): The Challenge of a Great mimic: Case report of Pheochromocytoma presenting as Acute Coronary Syndrome complicated by Retroperitoneal bleed and Multisystem Crisis       

2.50pm         Coffee break

Session 4:  Endocrinology & Pregnancy revisited (Chair Dr Jeannie Todd)

3.10pm         Thyroid hormone supplementation in pregnancy

                     Dr Sheba Jarvis

3.30pm         Hyperparathyroidism & Pregnancy

                     Mr Fausto Palazzo (Hammersmith Hospital)

3.50pm         Clinical cases (Chair James Ahlquist)     


3.50pm         Y001 (OC6): Hypercalcemia in pregnancy in a patient with multiple previous miscarriages

4.05pm         Y016 (OC7): Case Report: Recurrent primary hyperparathyroidism during pregnancy in MEN1

4.20pm:        Y010 (OC8): Don't miss neonatal thyrotoxicosis - the importance of assessing an at risk baby at 7 days

4.35pm         Close and Feedback