Eleventh MES 2016


10:45            Coffee Break

Session 2:     More Endocrine Failure


11:10            Hypoparathyroidism: Long term consequences and novel treatments (Prof Bill Fraser, Norwich)

10:15            Endocrine challenges pancreatic failure/total pancreatectomy (Dr Bernard Khoo, Royal Free


Friday 9th December 2016             MAP                 abstract BOOK

Wolfson Education Centre, Hammersmith Hospital

                        Abstracts online       LAPPS/AMEND parallel


8.30am         Registration and Coffee

8.50am         Welcome and Introduction: Mr Fausto Palazzo, Prof Karim Meeran and Prof Waljit Dhillo

Session 1:     Endocrine Failure (James Ahlquist)

09:00            Hypothyroidism: The benefits of T3 supplements – truth or myth (Prof Graham Williams)

09:30            Adrenal insufficiency: Back to the future (Prof Karim Meeran)

10:00            The Adrenal Full House (Dr Amir Sam)        

15:45            Clinical cases  OC4 (W013) : Large Undescended Inferior Parathyroid Adenoma Masquerading as part of     

                    Retropharyngeal Large Multinodular Goitre.


16:00            Clinical case OC5 (W014): Thoracic Surgery for Persistent Hyperparathyroidism due to Ectopically     

                    Located Parathyroid Tissue


2.15pm         Coffee break

Session 4:     Hyperparathyroidism (Waljit Dhillo)


14:45            Genetic testing in work up of hypercalcaemia: FHH/MEN1& (Prof Neil Gittoes)


15:15            Endocrine surgery : Technique versus technology (Mr David Scott Coombes, Cardiff)


14:00            Clinical Case OC3 (W016) Hypercalcaemia in a patient on Lithium therapy

12:15              Lunch & Poster session


Session 3:    Hyperparathyroidism (Chair Fausto Palazzo)


13:00            Hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy & miscarriage (Dr Marcus Martineau, West Middlesex University     


 13:30           Lithium induced HPT

                    Dr Jeremy Cox (St Mary’s Hospital)

11:45            Clinical case OC1 (W008):   An unusual case of Autoimmune Hypoparathyroidism: presenting as     

                    Congestive cardiac failure and Myocardial Infarction.

12.00            Clinical case OC2 (W009) Challenges in concurrent liver and pancreatic insufficiency: glucose control    

                    on a tight rope


16:15            Feedback and Close